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Healthy, freshly made, all natural, human grade dog food

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Fresh dog food delivered to your doorstep

All our meals are 100% human grade, cooked with love and care. Simple, fresh ingredients, in recipes reviewed by a certified dog nutritionist, to make sure your dog gets the healthy, balanced diet he needs to grow up strong and happy.

Human grade food.

Our food is prepared with love, with only the best ingredients. Nothing processed, no additives or preservatives. If our team can't eat it, we don't ship it!

Customized meals.

Our weekly plans are specifically tailored for your dog. Each meal is pre-portioned. No guessing or measuring, just open and serve. Grain-free, gluten-free and poultry-free options are available.

Freshly made and delivered.

Your dog will love the food and you will love the convenience: choose a single meal, treats or subscribe to a weekly plan, for recurring deliveries once a week.

What our dogs are saying

Jax's mom
“We ran out of DoggyChef meals so I gave Jax regular food and he walked away from his bowl and refused to eat. I signed up for a weekly plan and now I get to see him enjoy his meals everyday!”

– Jax's mom

Kylie & Khloe's mom
"The girls LOVE the food as I knew they would. They have eaten every meal no problem and we notice they aren't as itchy as they usually are. And not to be gross but their poop's are better too."

– Kylie & Khloe's mom

Vishnu's mom
“I have to say, out of every single dog food company we’ve tried - DoggyChef is by far the absolute best! My dog LOVED every single bite of all of the treats and the meals. I love that DoggyChef is great with their speedy deliveries with such high end and high quality products. It’s insane, my dog goes crazy over DoggyChef's meals and she is a picky eater!”

– Vishnu's mom

Joey's dad
“I can definitely see a difference in Joey since we switched to DoggyChef. His energy is up and his coat is shinier”

– Joey's dad

Luigi & Harold's mom
"Luigi used to suffer 2 full body seizures WEEKLY for last three years. That's 8 a month, sometimes 10. They were frightening. Took him for endless blood work and test scans and nothing could be found we just couldn't figure out what it was. Since he switched to doggy chef, I can now report he's only had 2 of them - in TOTAL all these months. And NONE last two months. None. I am so grateful to you."

– Luigi & Harold's mom

Oliver's mom
“Oliver LOVES the blueberry cookies. I'm so happy I finally found a treat he likes. You guys are the best"

– Oliver's mom